work from home to raise your baby at the same time

I want to become an online entrepreneur

In short: Help the world to see the importance of moms working from home. Mission: To change the “stay at home mom” phrase to “works from home mother”


 why work from home?

I wanted to be a “stay at home mom”. Desperately!!!

Have you ever dreamed of being a stay at home mom? Have you seen yourself in your dreams playing whole hardheartedly with your children? Have you heard in your dreams your babies happy laughter? I have. Many times. Oh, how I wished to stay home. My heart was aching every minute of every day I was away from my babies. Life, however, handed me a different game plan. I am a working mother, always was. The irony? I am so grateful, that I am a working mother. I have two lovely children, and they grew up very quickly. The past 21 years of motherhood flew by and I worked most of the time 2 jobs. It was hard, painful but fulfilling as well. I realized, after the initial pain of being away from my children, that if I would have stayed home I would have lost the pleasure of following my passion: teaching babies. So, most likely if I would have been a stay at home mom, I would be suffering from not fulfilling my passion. What a trap.

Is there a solution? Work from home as a mother!

I have tried many ways, many times to figure out how I can work from home. Tried crafting, writing books, blogging, several MLS companies ext. Nothing kept me engaged long enough to make it work. Working for me is not only making money but living a passionate life while earning an income. Joining SFM (Six Figure Mentors) is my new adventure. My goal is to learn blogging, online marketing, creating a learning platform, create an income doing it and enjoying the process. The joy will come from teaching mothers the joyful, fulfilling and lucrative ways of online business strategies. I have been very happy and motivated with the teachings I acquired through SFM. It has been a mindset transformation for me and I am happily surprised to find myself being exited week after week learning and creating my new business.     I would love to see a world where mothers can fulfill their personal creative dreams working from home and raise their babies at the same time!

What is your passion? Let’s Create!     

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