Transferring Domain Names

This week I learned how to transfer domains from one registrar to another.

I have 3 domain names at DBL, and my goal was to transfer them to WPX.
It took me a long time to figure it out, so here is the summary of what has to be done to make this fast and easy.


1. Contact the Registrar that your domain names are at currently. Registration of the domain names and hosting are usually done by the same company.

Widely known companies are GoDaddy, Hostgator and BlueHost.

I used DBL originally, however since I decided to leave SFM, it is better for me if the domain names are at a registrar I have easy access to. WPX is an independent hosting company, and I love their super-fast and super effective customer service.

2. Ask the registrar to release your domain names.
This means that the domain(s) have to be unlocked, the Whois privacy has to be removed and they have to give you EPP / auth-code for each domain.
The EPP codes are generated and look something like this: 3AtJr!0r9

3. When all of the above is done, and you have received the EPP code(s) then you have to contact the new registrar to transfer your domain(s) to them.

Some companies charge a fee for the transfer, WPX does not. They only charge the yearly registration fee what you would have to pay anywhere.

To save money don't transfer the domains until they are close to expiring at the old registrar. WPX will move them within 7 days of expiration, but I would not wait till the last minute. Transfer them the last month. Your loss would be around $2 per domain, but you will gain calm sailing.

The transfer will take 7 days to complete.

4. The registration of the domains is regulated internationally by ICANN. Education yourself of the regulation will help you transfer the domains without questions.

Studying a bit of the ICANN website came in handy for me.
I had to send a link to DBL showing that what they claimed as ICANN policy does not exist. Only then would they release my domain names.

10 months ago