I use, and love Thrive Builder/ Themes/ Marketing Tools/ University/ and Membership.

​​Thrive is the core of my business. Other than it is an excellent Drag and drop web building tool it is where I go to to understand and create landing pages, pop ups, AB tests, widgets, comment section for my sites.

Thrive has their Themes and plugins for sale on an individual level, or you can buy their Membership which includes everything, even the Thrive University.

Thrive is my savior. I am so grateful I found it. I cant imagine success without it. (Thanks Miles!)

For me Thrive in not only a great tool/support/membership but is a symbol of the way to set up a presence on the net. I love Shane’s philosophy and approach to business.


Updated June 2018

I use WPX and HostGator.

When I started my blogs in August 2017.
I had no clue what to look for or what is considered to be a good hosting provider.
I actually had to learn what is a hosting service, what are the differences between the services.

I searched the web for a day and concluded that with my limited understanding of all the features HostGator is the cheapest.
So I went with them.

I got a 3-year contract for a good price.

Costumer service is ok, there were times they said they completed a task but I had to call them back to check it and do it for real.

Unfortunately, I did not, and still not understand everything about hosting.

So when my site became slow, I decided to go with Thrive Theme recommendations.

I switched to WPX Hosting December of 2017, and I am happy I did.

Since I use them my sites load fast, super fast. And their customer service is exceptional!

I highly recommend them!

HostGator is cheaper if they run a promotion, and only than, but my site got very slow.

I paid for 3 years with them, so I am still with them, but currently, I have no sites there. Maybe I will use it for test sites?


Updated June 2018

I used 4 themes.

1. Get Noticed! Theme from Michael Hyatt.
I use it for the blog you are visiting now and for

But the company stopped the support and development of the theme. So I am changing all my sites to Thrive Themes. I like their package, their building tool and Thrive just announced a new Front builder Theme coming this year!

2. Rise from Thrive Themes.
 I use it for

3. Minus from Thrive Themes.
 I use it for this site:

4. Ignition from Thrive Themes.
 I use it for


Thrive Architect
This is my page builder. I love it. I tried Divi, Beaver Builder, and Optimize press.
I found this to be the most intuitive, the most easiest to use.

Thrive Leads

A plugin where pop ups and the likes can be created and A/B tested. I use it on all my sites.

Thrive Optimize

A plugin where A/B testing of landing pages is the newest feature. Testing Landing pages can not be done this easily with anything else.

Thrive Apprentice

A plugin to create a sub-website with a Theme that is designed to create courses and membership sites. This is the plugin I use to create my future product.

Thrive Comments

The best comment plugin for your blog. I use it on all my blogs.

Thrive clever widgets

A plugin to help with widgets, placements, setup on your blog.

Hero Menu

This is a Responsive Mega Menu for a good price. I use it on 2 of my sites.


Easy Appointments

A plugin that has a calendar for your clients to create free or paid appointments.

Yoast SEO

The SEO plugin everybody uses and raves about.

jQuery Pin It Button for Images

This plugin puts a Pin It Icon on every image in my blog posts to easily share it on Pinterest.

Nested Pages

I love the organized view of my pages this plugin provides. It also has the feature to duplicate a page which comes in handy a lot of times. I use it on all my sites.

UpdraftPlus - Backup/Restore

To set up a backup of your site is the first thing you need to do. If their is a crash on your site or hosting you would be very sorry if you had to start from scratch again...

Wordfence Security

This and loooong complex passwords are the way I secure myself against web attacks.

Akismet Anti-Spam

The plugin that helps with the comment spammers.

Tracking the blogs

I use Crazy Egg (paid), WP Statistics (free) and Google Analytics (free).

Smart Slider

Thrive does not recommend and thus does not have built in slider. So I use this one.


I tried Aweber, Drip and eventually settled with MailerLite.

During my search about email service providers I learned that segmentation is a key element in a successful email marketing campaign. Drip and ConvertKit are famous for their segmentation features. Unfortunately they cost a lot.

MailerLite has segmentation features, not the same as the others but plenty for me. It is easy to learn to use and the costumer service is fast and thorough.

To make it even more attractive it is Free up to1000 subscribers with all features included!



Thrive University

Thrive University goes beyond being the "how to" of their products. It is an Internet Marketing course on its own. The value Thrive Membership provides for their cost is unbelievable compared to all the internet gurus selling their products.

Serious Bloggers Only

Jon Morrow is something else. Just go and check him out. One of his guest posts on CoppyBlogger will be a good start to get to know him.

His course is also one of my favorite blogging, writing and marketing source.
Another amazing person helping others for a really reasonable price.

3x Sellerator

Unfortunately, this software and teaching course is not for sale anymore.
He is pricey, his style is not exactly how I market, but the product is amazing. I bought it the last days it was on the market thanks to Miles Beckler!


Miles from as he introduces himself is my favorite internet marketing YouTuber. He has years of experience in the field.

Over the years he accumulated and tested the ins and outs of marketing and he gives it away for free on YouTube.

But my favorite part is his personality. He is sweet, kind, to the point. A great teacher, a great character, a great person. His name is known in my household even though I am the only online marketer.

When my family asks me about my progress - "I am good because I am doing what Miles told us to do" - is my favorite answer.

He puts up 3, 30-90 minute videos weekly and I make sure I listen to them all.


I found Deposit Photo years ago. They have tons of pictures for a much better price that the competition. I buy one on their plans and buy pictures, vectors for my blogs and sites if I don't find the right one on one of the free sites.

Adobe Premier and Elements 2018

I purchased the software and use it to create all my images, vectors, drawings, and info graphics. I love the features and it is not that hard to use.



 use Pixabay as my primary source for images, vectors or short videos. The images are amazing and easy to find them. They are royalty free, however some, very few, images have limitations.

Unsplash is my second choice of finding free amazing images.


Gramarly is my advanced spell checker. They have a free version but I find that the paid one is a must for me. I like the help it gives to my writing.