day time dreaming is the gateway to manifestation

DayDreaming – to be my favorite past time

My teachers used to tell me that I dream too much. Instead, I should pay attention to their lessons and teachings.
Yes, it is true. I was not the best student. I could never care 100% about what they were teaching. My grades were B average.
Except for biology and chemistry. Somehow, that just stuck with me. Probably because I could dream with and within those subjects.

day time dreaming is the gateway to manifestation


My dreams were about life. What would I like to achieve-have-do in the upcoming years? Where would I be, what would I do in 2000? I dreamed of my Prince coming to find me on a white horse – sleeping with my beautiful daughter – playing with my handsome son –
living in my big house – sleeping in my big bed – driving my red car – strolling with my Saint Bernard pup –. cuddling with my Burmese cat -resting on a big white teddy bear ext

I always considered myself lucky

As life went on, I started noticing that one by one my dreams are coming true.
I live in a big house with my Prince who found me in a white car with my beautiful daughter, my handsome son, my St Bernard in heaven and 2 Burmese kitties. The white teddy bear on my big big bed.

The manifestation of our Saint Bernard puppy, Berry is one of my favorite stories

how I manifested my favorite puppy

My dear Berry. I will love you always!

I remember it vividly. Intuitively I opened up a free local newspaper and looked up the classified section. Why did I open it? I do not know. I did not have anything in mind, was just curious. Usually, I toss the paper.

It was spring of 2004, and an ad of Saint Bernard pups next town was in the paper. I noticed it right away. My heart started beating faster, I could not believe what I saw. Home raised Saint Bernard puppy is a really rare find! And they were half price!

To make things a bit more strange, the litter had only one long haired pup. A male. Exactly what I was looking for. When we visited the family the long haired puppy came right to us! He was my dog! My sweet best friend of 10 years! I miss him dearly!

As life was happening, I stopped dreaming big

I always listened to my intuition, but I stopped dreaming about big things. Listening to my intuition is different. It helps me achieve my dreams. That is why my dreams came true. I was living in my daily routines not noticing that dreaming, my creation list is empty.

I always had desire. Always. Most of us do. However, sweet dreaming and desires are not the same. It is funny that dreaming appears back into my life through becoming a businesswoman.

When I joined SFM I did not think that my first lessons will be about mindset and creating dreams. I was surprised but curious, followed every instruction. It turns out they are right. Without dreaming, my goals will have very hard time to flourish.

Goal setting and Dreaming are very different

Goals are just as important as dreaming. Goals are the steps, the bite size achievements of the big dream I have. They are the daily motivators. Dreams are the sweetness of life. Buddha was right. Desiring is bitter but dreaming is sweet.

What are your super unreal dreams?

May your dreams come true!



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