Content writing is the number one skill to master

To create a website on a small budget, you have to learn to write, write well. A website is like your “brick and mortar” store’s display window, the shelves, the nick knack’s on your shelves, the decorations of your store, the products and most importantly your communication channel with your costumers.


What about the looks of your site?

The theme, the pictures create the first impressions but if the content is mediocre the real value is not there. Imagine a Pastry shop with a beautiful display, amazing looking sweets. You walk in because what you saw was pleasing and inviting. Your first impression of the sweets amazes you, so you buy three pastries. After your first bite, you are very disappointed. It is dry, too sweet, too buttery and the strawberry flavor is not there. Just the color of red. You taste the other one you bought hoping it will be better. It is as disappointing as the first one.  Will you come back to the store again? I would not!

The content of your site is the taste test of your visitors. If it does not deliver what they came for, they will not come back. Content is more important than looks.

How to learn content writing for the web?

I am still learning and practicing, but here are some tips I picked up so far.

  • Write to someone: You can not write to address or impress all of the humanity. We are all different. You have to pick who do you want to inspire or help with your website and write for them. Write in the language, in the tone that that group of people likes and accepts. This is called finding and writing to your niche.
  • Read how others write to your niche: Find blogs on the topic you are planning to write and read the successful blogs and websites. Read to learn writing styles.
  • Write with a true intention to help or inspire: Do not write empty blogs. Write all you know about the title of your blog. Write like you would be writing for your child to learn or for your best friend. Give it all.
  • Post it: Don’t be shy, don’t perfect your writing before you post. Write, post, learn your mistakes, write again, post again. Repeat. It is a totally different feeling and experience to write and let the world see it. It will make you a different writer. You can not practice it without posting.
  • Post weekly: You are not only learning to write, but you are also learning to post. You are writing for the web. You are writing to create an audience. The search engines will ignore you if there are no regular updates to your website. Search engines strive to present the newest information available.
  • Write using keywords: Search engines will search for the words on your website a user typed in their search tool. If it is not in any of your contents, it will consider your site irreverent for the topic even if you wrote about the topic.
  • Check your statistics: Check if you are successful with your writing. Don’t expect any major results before your 50th blog. You are doing well if your bounce rate is low and if people read several of your blogs. This means they are reading your posts.

  • Will you succeed?

    Yes. You will.
    How do I know?
    Anybody who does not give up will succeed.
    You might have to change your writing style or your niche or even build a new website. That is part of the learning curve. You might be great on your first trial. It is possible!
    Just decide write, write more and a little more. Assess and re-assess. Revise.

    Don’t give up. Write.

    last year