Transferring Domain Names

This week I learned how to transfer domains from one registrar to another.

I have 3 domain names at DBL, and my goal was to transfer them to WPX.
It took me a long time to figure it out, so here is the summary of what has to be done to make this fast and easy.

Content writing is the number one skill to master

To create a website on a small budget, you have to learn to write, write well. A website is like your “brick and mortar” store’s display window, the shelves, the nick knack’s on your shelves, the decorations of your store, the products and most importantly your communication channel with your costumers.

Learn how to set up and run a FaceBook Page

My journey is taking me to set up a Facebook business page. I have been on Facebook for years but I am not a fan of it and not a regular contributor. So this is new for me. I have mixed feelings and I am confused: What is the best way to be on Facebook?

9 steps I learned about online marketing

I have been running an online business for 2 months!
Have I made money? Nope, not yet.
However, I am very good at building my business!
How do I know?I know because I have not given up yet!
I know because I continue to learn about online business strategies.
I know because I implement what I learn.
I know because I have results. They are just not monetized yet.