I am a free Spirit

agota portre

On Earth, people call me Aga. Agota (Agatha).
I am a daughter to I and Z, my lovely parents.
I am an older sister to my dear brother, G.
I am a very lucky wife of my sweetheart, J.
I am a blessed mother of my charming children, S and D.
I am loved by my Saint Bernard pup in heaven-Berry, by my Kuvasz pup-Saffy, by my Burmese kitties Chocolate and Cocco.
I love tending my English garden that my husband created for me.
I play with the magic of creation through- painting, sewing and knitting.

One of my biggest passions is learning and teaching.
I am born with the drive to be with babies.
To live my passion I work with babies.
I study to be the best I can at teaching babies to walk.

I have obtained a BS in Physical Therapy.
I am a knowledge seeker, not a degree or certificate collector.
To fulfill my needs of an income I work as a Pediatric Physical Therapist.
To fulfill my dream of reaching millions I am learning to build a website/blog.
To fulfill my dream of financial freedom I am searching for the best internet based options.

This blog is about my journey of becoming a home based internet entrepreneur.
It is also a learning platform for mothers who want to:
Work from home;
Fulfill their personal dreams;
Create financial freedom;
Raise their babies at home!

My Websites are:

Agota Rakoczi
Baby Smile Stones