It’s time to learn how to set up and run a FaceBook Page

My journey is taking me to set up a Facebook business page. I have been on Facebook for years but I am not a fan of it and not a regular contributor. So this is new for me. I have mixed feelings and I am confused: What is the best way to be on Facebook?

Facebook when it appeared made sense to me. However, it grew into a giant business platform which bothered me as a user. Now I am in a situation where I have to choose a social platform to help me run a successful business. I am in a dilemma.

social media

The experts say that to run a successful business we need a presence on a social platform

Facebook is my choice. For now. Later maybe I switch to Instagram or Pinterest. Facebook seems to be more versatile than the other social platforms.

Experts say that the posts have to be valuable to the business. Make sense. However, if these posts would appear in the friends feed it could ruin my friendships.

Creating a FB Business page is easy, just follow directions on Facebook. The trick is to learn how to post and what to post. My understanding is that post should be natural and subject related. The more the better. They should provide an aha moment or an understanding or a link or testimonial or?


9 steps I learned in two months time about online entrepreneurship

My most important lesson: I can do it!

I have been running an online business for 2 months!
Have I made money? Nope, not yet.
However, I am very good at building my business!
How do I know?
I know because I have not given up yet!
I know because I continue to learn about online business strategies.
I know because I implement what I learn.
I know because I have results. They are just not monetized yet.

internet building business blocks


My results:

2 blogs set up. Blogs are linked. Stats are showing daily visitors/readers: you! Visitor stats are steadily increasing. Aweber is set up for both blogs. Facebook pages are setup and linked to each blog. Facebook posts liked, new followers signed up.

I maintain weekly posts on both blogs and daily posts on both Facebook pages.
I signed up to become an affiliate with Amazon, Divi Theme, Nuk and set up a product page on one of my blogs.

I studied and continue to study daily about: Content writing for blogs, Keywords, SEO, Adobe Photoshop, WordPress theme customization, WordPress plugins, Stats, Aweber, Membership site building, Website building, Website setup and hosting, Affiliate marketing, Sales funnels, Split testing, Business mentors,  ext.

I now know what I need to know to run a successful business! Well, I don’t know all, but enough to be able to formulate a relatively complete picture. For me, this is a huge step as I am not lost anymore. I know what to do, now I just need to do it. And I am doing it. Daily.