To create a successful online authority site

To create a website on a small budget, you have to learn to write, write well. A website is like your “brick and mortar” store’s display window, the shelves, the nick knack’s on your shelves, the decorations of your store, the products and most importantly your communication channel with your costumers.

What about the looks of your site?

The theme, the pictures create the first impressions but if the content is mediocre the real value is not there. Imagine a Pastry shop with a beautiful display, amazing looking sweets. You walk in because what you saw was pleasing and inviting. Your first impression of the sweets amazes you, so you buy three pastries. After your first bite, you are very disappointed. It is dry, too sweet, too buttery and the strawberry flavor is not there. Just the color of red. You taste the other one you bought hoping it will be better. It is as disappointing as the first one.  Will you come back to the store again? I would not!

The content of your site is the taste test of your visitors. If it does not deliver what they came for, they will not come back. Content is more important than looks.

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Why do I want to become an online entrepreneur?

A working mothers dream come true

In short: Help the world to see the importance of moms working from home. Mission: To change the “stay at home mom” phrase to “works from home mother”


 why work from home?

I wanted to be a “stay at home mom”. Desperately!!!

Have you ever dreamed of being a stay at home mom? Have you seen yourself in your dreams playing whole hardheartedly with your children? Have you heard in your dreams your babies happy laughter? I have. Many times. Oh, how I wished to stay home. My heart was aching every minute of every day I was away from my babies. Life, however, handed me a different game plan. I am a working mother, always was. The irony? I am so grateful, that I am a working mother. I have two lovely children, and they grew up very quickly. The past 21 years of motherhood flew by and I worked most of the time 2 jobs. It was hard, painful but fulfilling as well. I realized, after the initial pain of being away from my children, that if I would have stayed home I would have lost the pleasure of following my passion: teaching babies. So, most likely if I would have been a stay at home mom, I would be suffering from not fulfilling my passion. What a trap.

Is there a solution? Work from home as a mother!

I have tried many ways, many times to figure out how I can work from home. Tried crafting, writing books, blogging, several MLS companies ext. Nothing kept me engaged long enough to make it work. Working for me is not only making money but living a passionate life while earning an income. Joining SFM (Six Figure Mentors) is my new adventure. My goal is to learn blogging, online marketing, creating a learning platform, create an income doing it and enjoying the process. The joy will come from teaching mothers the joyful, fulfilling and lucrative ways of online business strategies. I have been very happy and motivated with the teachings I acquired through SFM. It has been a mindset transformation for me and I am happily surprised to find myself being exited week after week learning and creating my new business.     I would love to see a world where mothers can fulfill their personal creative dreams working from home and raise their babies at the same time!

Question: What is your passion? Let’s Create! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Agota from Babys Milestones      

Understanding the business bloggers mindset

Why I did-not succeed with my blogs so far?

I have been trying to create a blog or website for the past 10 years. At least. I worked for moths at a stretch with no success. I was determined, I never really gave up, I tried over and over again. Still no results. Little did I know, I had the wrong mindset, approaching it wrong. Now I know I need to have the business bloggers mindset to succeed.

I was thinking about the blog, not about why I want a blog

Of course, I knew why I wanted to have a blog. I want to share my Pediatric Physical Therapy skill-sets and create an income for the time when I won’t be able to work as a physical therapist anymore. Lifting 10-15-year-old’s is hard labor. However, in the past, my focus was solely on building the blog to look this way and that way. So much so, that I learned website/ blog building super well, but never made it successful.

You create what you focus on!

Today I realize that my obsession with building a blog look a certain way was not a total waist. I am grateful that I know more about the technical side of website building. With today’s technology building this bog made me feel like I am a pro. This frees me to have a focus on building a successful blog!
I am learning about the importance of content, SEO, website optimization, social media integration, and marketing to mention a few.


If I blog and nobody ever sees it, I have achieved nothing

I set up at least 5 websites in the past and let them all parish. They were great looking sites, had good content but they were sitting on the 1010000th page on Google search. I knew marketing exists, but I always hated sales people and their tactics. I avoided marketing because I did not want to become a sleazy sales person. Despite my strong aversion of marketing and repeated failures of blog building the dream of running my own website never left me. It just got put on the back shelf.

I am grateful I never gave up!

That little voice, my intuition is a good friend of mine. I listen to it most of the time. It really knows how to achieve what I dream of! A few weeks ago, July 9th, 2017 to be exact it spoke to me again. An ad came up about a young couple working from their home raising their beautiful daughter together. Wow! Just what I dream of all my life! All my cells screamed to stop what I am doing and look into the offer.

SFM – It was The Six Figure Mentors who came to my rescue

I joined SFM: a teaching platform, a community of online marketers/affiliates and affiliate program. I joined them to learn how to make my blog to be an income source on the world wide web. Their program is one of a high quality with high commissions. It’s a great program because it not only teaches the technical aspects of marketing. SFM puts a great emphasis on establishing a new mindset. The mindset that can make me a great “sales person”, not a sleazy one! What a relief! I am grateful that I listened to my Intuition and I joined SFM! [eafl id=”973″ name=”SFM Post Why my blog are not successful?” text=”Here is a link”], check them out!

Without a mindset change, I will never make big money online or offline. Here is why:


Let’s Dance!

and build a lucrative online presence

My dream to build a website sharing and teaching all that I learned in my 25+ years working with babies and parents is at least 10 years old. I have become computer savvy in my many attempts of fulfilling this dream.

dancing helps me creating this blog

Here I am again. I don’t give up! A new platform, a new approach, same big dream!

You can follow my steps, my achievements, my struggles of an online business building to help you along building your online business and fulfill your dream!

Let’s dance,
Agota from Babys Milestones