Why do I want to become an online entrepreneur?

A working mothers dream come true

In short: Help the world to see the importance of moms working from home. Mission: To change the “stay at home mom” phrase to “works from home mother”


 why work from home?

I wanted to be a “stay at home mom”. Desperately!!!

Have you ever dreamed of being a stay at home mom? Have you seen yourself in your dreams playing whole hardheartedly with your children? Have you heard in your dreams your babies happy laughter? I have. Many times. Oh, how I wished to stay home. My heart was aching every minute of every day I was away from my babies. Life, however, handed me a different game plan. I am a working mother, always was. The irony? I am so grateful, that I am a working mother. I have two lovely children, and they grew up very quickly. The past 21 years of motherhood flew by and I worked most of the time 2 jobs. It was hard, painful but fulfilling as well. I realized, after the initial pain of being away from my children, that if I would have stayed home I would have lost the pleasure of following my passion: teaching babies. So, most likely if I would have been a stay at home mom, I would be suffering from not fulfilling my passion. What a trap. Continue Reading