Day-dreaming Used to be my favorite past time –

- and all my dreams came true!

My teachers used to tell me that I dream too much. Instead, I should pay attention to their lessons and teachings.
Yes, it is true. I was not the best student. I could never care 100% about what they were teaching. My grades were B average.
Except for biology and chemistry. Somehow, that just stuck with me. Probably because I could dream with and within those subjects.

day time dreaming is the gateway to manifestation


My dreams were about life. What would I like to achieve-have-do in the upcoming years? Where would I be, what would I do in 2000? I dreamed of my Prince coming to find me on a white horse – sleeping with my beautiful daughter – playing with my handsome son –
living in my big house – sleeping in my big bed – driving my red car – strolling with my Saint Bernard pup –. cuddling with my Burmese cat -resting on a big white teddy bear ext

I always considered myself lucky

As life went on, I started noticing that one by one my dreams are coming true.
I live in a big house with my Prince who found me in a white car with my beautiful daughter, my handsome son, my St Bernard in heaven and 2 Burmese kitties. The white teddy bear on my big big bed.