How can you become a successful blogger the honest way

On my journey learning the business side of web existence I came across some shady business strategies. Learning to become a successful blogger the honest way was harder to discover, believe it or not!

What is the honest way you may ask? 

For me, it is creating a blog that is helpful for my audience and brings in an income because of it being a good source of information and services. It is that short and that simple. No frills.

What are the shady way I discovered?


There are many. To many and the bad news is that your, as well as my success is partially hindered by them.
I am not going to list them, you will come across them yourself. This blog is about the positive sides of our worldly existence.

The good news is, that by building your blog the honest way you will be very successful and your success will last. However, as always the honest way is harder and it will take you longer to build up a site and launch it.
The shady ways might bring you an income sooner, but the site will eventually fail due to the webs evolving nature.
To build an online business for the long run do it the honest way!

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