internet building business blocks

9 steps I learned about online marketing

I have been running an online business for 2 months!
Have I made money? Nope, not yet.
However, I am very good at building my business!
How do I know?I know because I have not given up yet!
I know because I continue to learn about online business strategies.
I know because I implement what I learn.
I know because I have results. They are just not monetized yet.

internet building business blocks


My results:

2 blogs set up. Blogs are linked. Stats are showing daily visitors/readers: you! Visitor stats are steadily increasing. Aweber is set up for both blogs. Facebook pages are setup and linked to each blog. Facebook posts liked, new followers signed up.

I maintain weekly posts on both blogs and daily posts on both Facebook pages.
I signed up to become an affiliate with Amazon, Divi Theme, Nuk and set up a product page on one of my blogs.

I studied and continue to study daily about: Content writing for blogs, Keywords, SEO, Adobe Photoshop, WordPress theme customization, WordPress plugins, Stats, Aweber, Membership site building, Website building, Website setup and hosting, Affiliate marketing, Sales funnels, Split testing, Business mentors,  ext.

I now know what I need to know to run a successful business! Well, I don’t know all, but enough to be able to formulate a relatively complete picture. For me, this is a huge step as I am not lost anymore. I know what to do, now I just need to do it. And I am doing it. Daily.

Here is what I would suggest for a beginner to do if you want to start a business online:



1. Know why you want an online business. Know what you want to do with the online business and have at least a $1000.00-3000.00 dollars as a starting investment. It is doable with less money, a couple of hundred, but the result could come significantly later.

2. Know, that nothing is free. You can build a business with either little money and looooooots of time as an investment, or split time and money as an investment. Only money will not do it. There are learning and work involved. The more money you have to invest, the more you can delegate/pay others to do things for you.

3. Know, that without a vision, a dream, faith in yourself, determination, persistence, daily actions you will not get far. No matter what you do.

4. Create you dream visions about how your business will function in a year, what your income will be, what will your “job” be running your own business.

5. Create your dream visions of what the business you have will do for your personal life.

6. Decide if you are going to sell services, products or become an affiliate. Or do it all. Create the product, or look for affiliates. Create service/membership plan.

7. Create an online presence. A website, or a blog, or a Facebook page, Instagram account, ClickFunnel, ext or all. wordpress

8. Learn every day. The less money you have the more you have to do it yourself. The more you do yourself, the more you have to learn. Even if you delegate, you have to know what to delegate, where to delegate and to be able to check that what you got back is what you wanted.

9. Know you will make mistakes. It will cost you. You will lose sleep. You will have to do it again. Know that this is the only way to do anything. Know that mistakes are good. They are what refine what you really want. So they are actually not mistakes, they are learning steps. A mistake is just a step that tells you to do it differently.

How did I do all this in two months time?

My path to this amazing state, to this knowledge, to this confidence and ability, came with the help of SFM, especially from Frank and Jill. I know that without this program/community I would be still struggling. Your help might come from another source. All, that matters that you find your way.

I needed to start from the basics. However, my dream is sooooo big I needed to consult with experts. SFM is the learning platform, the business platform, the affiliate program and most of all the community I was looking for. Even though I am only an Elite member I am a very happy customer. I can’t wait to see where my business will be when I become a DEA Black member!

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